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Maritime transport

We provide both containerised and conventional ocean freight services. Based on the particularities and volume of each cargo, we offer appropriate equipment, creating customized solutions for each and every shipment.

For small lots of cargo, we offer less than container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL), for larger lots of cargo we provide dedicated ships.


We cooperate with all shipping lines, providing transport for any kind of commodity that can be stuffed into or onto container, shipping all over the world.

The following types of equipment are available for loading, in stock or for pre order:

Dry Van - 20'dv, 40'dv
High Cube - 40'hc, 45'hc
Reefer - 20'rf, 40'rf
Open Top - 20'ot, 40'ot
Hard Top - 20'ht, 40'ht
Flat Rack - 20'fr, 40'fr
Tank - 20'tk


When it comes to conventional transport, for small parcels of goods we offer part loads. For larger volumes, we fix dedicated vessels. Depending on the type of goods, we use:

Cargo ship - general cargo;
Bulk carrier - bulk cargo;
Tankers - liquid cargo;
Special vessels - dedicated large oversized transport (ship hulls, offshore platforms, etc.)

Maritime transport plays a key role in the movement of goods, both in terms of quantity, due to relatively low costs compared to the large volumes of cargo in conventional transport and efficiency, due to the multitude and diversity of goods and trading partners in containerized transport.