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River transport

We are offering a complete package of services for inland water transport (containerized or conventional) on the Danube, Main and Rhine from Constanta up to Rotterdam. For river transport, commonly used are bulk shipments (grain, ore), general cargo and even containers.

In addition, oversized goods, for which the road transport solutions are difficult and therefore expensive, can be easily transported by water, if the origin or destination allow easy access to inland waterways.

Constanta Port, thanks to the access on Danube - Black Sea Canal, is an important point on the freight traffic map to / from Eastern European inland waterways, opening traffic to landlocked countries such as Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Austria.

The main advantages of river transport compared with road and rail transport are, same as in the sea transport, high volume loadings and low transport price.

Depending on the goods particularities, you can use the following means of transport or combination between:

  • Uncovered barges;
  • Covered barges;
  • Self-propelled barges;
  • Tank barges.

For larger volumes of goods, we can use convoys of 6-9 units of barges with capacities up to 10,000 to.